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At Blue Frog Technology, we strive for excellence when it comes to our Technology Solutions. Whether you need PC Repair, IT Support, or Web Development, we make it our goal to meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We offer the right services at the right price. Guaranteed. Need a Nerd? Call Blue Frog.


Buy Local

Blue Frog Technology is proud to offer their services to Natchitoches, LA. We’re your neighbors. We love this town.


Our response time is second to none. If you have a technology issue, we’re just a phone call away. Don’t get frustrated, get Blue Frog.

Quality Services

We’ve designed our services around you. Blue Frog Technology prides itself in effective, affordable, and practical solutions.

We’re not your typical know-it-all nerds.

We pride ourselves on creating simple, practical solutions that work for YOU.

By employing best practices in all that we do, you can rest assured that you are using the best possible technology solution for your particular issue. We can sleep well at night knowing that you have solid, supported solutions.

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